I've always enjoyed video editing since I started playing with the editing software back in 2006. In the beginning I used to only edit personal footages with friends for personal use and too keep as memories. Eventually I started making videos as a job and I wanted to learn more. So I decided to create my own Illustrated Lyrics Videos.


Back in 2013 I felt very inspired by Lady Gaga's new album and created a few FanArt videos, nothing official, but it became very popular online with the fans. And after that I had some really cool opportunities creating videos.


In this page you will find links and more information of works I have done, official and unofficial (fan arts) and also some experimental art videos I have created not related to pop artists. 

If you are a musician and have seen my work and want to hire me to come up with some ideas please email me at @mr_gabrielmarques so we can talk more about it.

Mr. GM Video Reel