Painting for SEAI - Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland at the 2019 National Ploughing Championships

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In July 2019 I applied for an opportunity to work with SEAI at the Ploughing Championship with a Live Painting, and I got accepted. It was 3 days to paint two big pieces, one representing Ireland in 20 years if we take a climate action now and one showing what can happen if we don't. 

I worked closely with a team from SEAI for a month before the event to plan the ideas and after we all came to an agreement I painted the final idea during the event, which takes places in Carlow Co. in Ireland:

During the event I spent the days at the SEAI booth painting and the team at SEAI could explain the visitors the purpose of the artwork. The idea was to get people to be conscious of what can happen in the future if we keep acting the way we do towards our Planet. I also had the amazing opportunity and honor to meet and talk to Micheal D. Higgings as he came over to the booth to see painting and hear more about it.

I'd like to say thank you to Aine and Louise who works at SEAI and were so helpful and great to work with, I had amazing days at the event!

Event Photos and Final Artworks

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You can also check out a Time Lapse video, filmed and posted by SEAI to be posted on their Twitter page, by clicking on the next picture.