Illustrated Lyrics Videos

I have created many Illustrated Lyrics Videos since 2013, some of them are still online some of them are not. In this page you can see a few works I have done that are not on my Youtube page but in the official account of the artist I worked with.

 If you have any questions please, remember you can always get in touch wit me me on my CONTACT ME  page

WATERDANCE - Chris Porter feat. Pitbull

In July 2015, the producer of the song Waterdance got in touch with me to create a lyric video for his new client Chris Porter. He sent me the song and asked if I had interest in working on the visuals for this song and I said Yes, DJ White Shadow is also known for working with Lady Gaga producing many of her songs. It blew me away that he actually got in touch with me and asked for me to work on this video. I really enjoyed the song and had a lot of fun creating this video. It was a very challenging job to come up with this and Dj White Shadow gave me a lot of space to create whatever I wanted as long as it was based on the original choreography for the song, it took me about 2 months to finish it. This was my second official Lyric Video.

LOVE - Yann feat. Mariana Ximenes

I've worked with talented Yann a few times before this video by creating ep covers and some single covers as well, but for this song we decided to create an Illustrated Lyric Video. I wanted to try something different for this video and Yann was really happy the final result.

POOR ME - Shania Twain

In June 2017 I got an e-mail from Shania's Twain manager Jess Keeley (Maverick) and asked if I was interested in creating a Lyric Video for Shania Twain's song Poor Me and I was very excited about it. I used to always listen to Shania's music when younger and throughout my life and I have a soft spot for country music because of her.


"Poor Me" finds Twain in shock after her husband leaves her for another woman. She's looking back at her lowest point, when shock, depression, heartbreak and self-pity are at the core of every one of her thoughts.

The idea behind the video and the photo for inspiration was sent by Shania and Jess, and they asked me to come up with this specific aesthetics for the video. I only had 2 weeks to work on this project so I did what I could but I definitely felt the pressure, specially because I had just moved out of my country and being in a new town with no one I knew around me. Poor me, pour me another.


 Bob Seger

Colin Wyatt from the video department at Capitol Records got in touch with me to come up with a new Lyric Video for Bob Seger and his new song I Knew You When (also title of his latest album). I started this project in December 2017 and finished in February 2018 - All the frames in this video are little by little drawing and scanned that turn into final illustrations and then edited with the lyrics.


It was a long process but I really enjoyed drawing and producing this video, the main idea and concept came from Bob's team and was sent to me keep more or less the same aesthetics of Shania's Poor Me video because they liked that style.  The song is a tribute to his friend Glenn Frey of the Eagles, who had died one year before.


Marina and the Diamonds

In December 2014 I was constantly listening to Marina and the Diamonds new songs for her album FROOT, and I was super inspired by her music and the idea for the concept of the new album and created loads of illustrations of Marina, so to use all these illustrations I had I edited a lyric video for the song FROOT and added on my Youtube page, but shortly got removed due to copyrights of the song.

A few months later a member of  her team contacted me on my twitter saying they new about the video but couldn't see it anywhere so they asked me to send to them. They loved the video and asked to change a few lyrics mistakes and re send so they could upload on Marina's official page on Youtube. To me it was one of the biggest moments of my life, it meant a lot for me that Marina and her team were happy with what I was creating and were willing to post on her official page.

Check out the video below.