Illustrations Variety

I select a few of my latest illustrations and group them into different galleries to post on this page for you. 

I separated the selected ones into different categories:

Fantasy Art - illustrations inspired by mythical creatures from my imagination.

Fan Art - illustrations inspired by pop culture.

#6FanArts - Art Challenge from Instagram that inspired me to draw 6 of my favorite characters from movies or animations I'm a fan.

And RPDR Fan Art - 5 illustrations inspired by the tv show ruPaul's Drag Race season 10.

These illustrations are a mixed technique of hand drawing on paper, and when I'm finish I scan the drawings and add the colors/shading digitally after.

I love to explore many ways of editing a drawing (the same way I love to explore different art styles) and have done tons of different tests over the years, so it's difficult for me to always express how I come up with them, sometimes I can use different techniques to achieve a unique result in the end.


Fantasy Art Gallery


Fan Art Gallery


6 Fan Arts Challenge Gallery

RPDR Fan Art