In this page you will find many of my Illustrations styles and paintings. I've always been obsessed with drawing since I was really young, and many times instead of actually be paying attention to classes I was drawing on my school books. I'm graduated as  graphic Designer but always enjoyed drawing and mixing drawing with digital art.

My inspiration has always been around Fantasy Art, Tattoos, Music, Games, Movies, Tv Shows and Celebrities, 

This page is the result of a life time of drawing, endless hours by myself, learning, making mistakes and trying over and over again, but has always been done with passion. I enjoy learning different medias to express my creativity and I'm thankful for the support of family and friends that encourage me to keep going. You can follow more of my latest artwork on my Instagram page: @mrgabrielmarques - where I'm constantly posting new and old artworks.

If you would like to commission me for a piece of art, please have a look around, see what you like and what style you want, and you can contact me to talk about it. Any questions are welcome.