Workshop with Foam Prosthetics

February 28th 2020

Dublin Body Paint offers workshop with different artists here in Dublin to learn more about Face and Body Painting. In February 2020 they brought the Italian body painter Matteo Arfanotti, who won many awards and his work is incredibly well done, and I relate a lot to it, it was a great honor to meet such an amazing artist. He works with foam to create the art prosthetics and it was great to learn from him. We had two days of workshop, one to cut and paint our own pieces, and another to body paint and application of prosthetics. 


I was very lucky to find my last minute model Luga, who was available to let me paint him for this event, and we became really good friends. I always wanted to create a sea creature so this was my first attempt with prosthetic application and with a fantasy character.

During the two days I took some photos and created a gallery on this page for you to have a look at. With one of the pictures I got inspired to create a digital piece and added some extra features to visualize my final sea creature. I also documented some of the progress while painting the prosthetics pieces and on the set for some pictures.